Following the opening of our temporary no symptoms screening centre in the Students’ Union, we’re pleased that so many of you have booked your tests before travelling home.

We’re aware that due to the high demand for early testing, some of you may have been unable to book your test(s) for this week so we’ve added some additional timeslots between 8.15 and 9.00am and throughout the day on Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd , Friday 4th and Saturday 5th December.

We’re expecting these appointments to fill up fast, so if you haven’t booked your test(s) yet – visit the Test and Travel page now and book yours.

There are also slots available for next week, between Monday 7 and Wednesday 9 December.

The no symptoms screening testing facility will not be available after 9 December.

There may be some community testing set up in certain areas around the country, so you should check your local authority and the Government webpages to see if this is available.

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms, you need to book a symptoms test (PCR) at your nearest testing site on the page