Humanities Week

We will be offering a Virtual Humanities Week from Monday 11th January to Friday 22nd January. This week will give students the opportunity to:

  • Access taster lectures from the humanities subjects
  • Find out how the humanities subjects relate to different career paths
  • Ask any questions they may have during a live session with experienced staff

Please find the session descriptions for both our live and pre-recorded humanities sessions below.

Live Humanities Session  (Friday 15th January, 10:00am and 14:00pm)

Pandemics: Past, Present and Future

What is a pandemic? Students will be able to explain why disease outbreaks become pandemics, how the world has coped with them in the past, how we are currently coping with them and what the future might look like. The focus of this session will be the Spanish Flu, the Plague and COVID-19 and will provide knowledge of History & Politics, Geography and English in this context.

Pre-Recorded Session Descriptions

Our pre-recorded lectures are designed for teachers to use during lesson time or for students to follow along with in their free time. Each session will be accompanied by interactive activities and worksheets for students to use.

History: A is for Activism 

A is for Activism introduces students to global politics and in particular the role that activism has to play in it. The session will critically evaluate the successes and failures of activist groups throughout history and assess their role in transforming political structures and systems.

English: Stories that Shaped the World

This session examines a variety of ways in which real life events are imagined and constructed within literature as well as examining language and its relation to the world, society and culture. Students will analyse the effects of language in traditional literature in comparison to 21st century media to assess to what extent literature shapes our world.

Geography: Us and our Environment

This workshop will explore a range of human-environment relationships, specifically those between people, places and environments. Students will gain an understanding of the issues facing the world today including, climate change, conservation and pollution as well as engaging with current concerns and issues within the sector.

The events are free of charge, and are open to post-16 students. If you would like to attend our Humanities week please email or complete the online booking form.

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