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Secondary Religious Education with QTS (3rd Year)

“I decided to apply to be a Student Guide after hearing friends talking positively about the job role and also because I enjoy working; the more work I can do the better! I am quite confident and enjoy speaking in front of small or large groups, and this excited me, especially to share my experience and enjoyment of Edge Hill. Since starting as a Student Guide I have enjoyed a variety of roles and each opportunity has given me new skills and experience that I can take forward into my future work. In particular this role has given me so much confidence that I have been able to use on my teaching placements, and has made me a better teacher as a result! I believe anyone who is looking to find a job where they will meet some brilliant new people and have great working experiences at the same time should definitely apply for this role. The role is flexible to your hours and the staff are excellent and always there via phone or email. I am very proud to say I have worked for Edge Hill University and I look forward to the next year with them”

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