Dear Student

A warm welcome to the 2018/19 academic year. This Student Handbook (Policies, Procedures and Information) provides you with key information, advice and guidance relating to your studies and is also a reference point for matters of administration that you will need to be aware of during your studies at Edge Hill. Please do take the time to familiarise yourself with this information so as to ensure that you have a smooth start to the year and avoid any unnecessary difficulty at a later date.

This Student Handbook has a particular emphasis on matters that students will need to be aware of in relation to their academic studies and administration, the Student Homepage is a complementary area which provides advice and information in relation to all aspects of University life and student support and students are advised to regularly visit the Student Homepage for current information. Whilst I hope that your time at Edge Hill will be amongst the best of your life experiences. This handbook includes a section on ‘Experiencing Difficulties on your Programme’ which provides detailed advice on areas such as deferral of assessment and suspension of studies.

I do hope you have an enjoyable and rewarding time at Edge Hill University and I wish you every success in your studies and student life.

Best wishes,

Helen Smallbone
Academic Registrar

Disclaimer Notice
The information published throughout this area is accurate at the time of publication (1st July 2018).
The University’s Academic Regulations and associated policy may on occasions be adjusted to reflect changes in legislation and external guidelines or as the result of the University’s experience and views on best practice. Updates will take place on an annual basis and will be published in the September of each academic session – changes will not be made to the detriment of registered students. A briefing note for students will be provided to outline any changes and the University’s webpages will always display an accurate version of the Academic Regulations and associated policy.

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