Dr Jack Sugden

Lecturer in sport development and management

Research Group

  • Pedagogy, Professional Development & Politics in Physical Education & Sport Research Group


Jack is a lecturer in sport development and management with a specialisation in international business and the globalisation of sport. Jack arrived at Edge hill in June 2017 after completing his PHD in Sport and Integration focusing on the Pacific Islands while at the University of Technology, Sydney. Jack has had 8 years’ experience working in the sport for development and peace field and has managed, coordinated and researched such projects in Israel/Palestine, South Africa, West Africa, Jordan, Northern Ireland and Fiji.


Jack’s research interests continue to be based on the role that sport plays in both uniting and dividing people and groups. This stems from a childhood in divided Northern Ireland, a lifelong love of football and a degree in international politics and a masters in ethnic conflict. Away from academia, Jack has also worked at the British Council coordinating international business and educational partnerships centered around the London 2012 Olympics. Jack is a firm believer in the scholar/practitioner link and is forever on the lookout for opportunities to forge these links where needed. Evidenced in his recent work with refugees in Liverpool, his study of mixed martial arts in the city and his ongoing relationship work in the study of sport, global politics and power.

Jack has co-authored a number of book chapters based on the role of sport for social change and is currently awaiting decisions on four research papers that have been submitted to journals of international renown. He has worked closely with the University of Johannesburg in authoring a sport for development resources entitled Play Life (2011) and is currently undertaking a long term participant ethnography of a mixed martial arts gym in Liverpool.

External Engagement

Andy’s external engagement activities include:

  • Director of Football/Rugby 4 Peace International (2014 -)
  • Consultant working with Coldesportes Columbia – Columbian Ministry of Sport (2019-)
  • Action for Refugees Network (2017-)
  • Reviewer of Sport & Society (ISSN 1743-0445)
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Sport & Development
  • Reviewer of the Sport Sociology Journal (SSJ)
  • Member of the European Academy of Sport Management (EASM)
  • Member and student award winner of Sport Management Australia and New Zeland (SMAANZ)
  • Member of the international sociology of Sport Association (ISSA)

Selected Publications


  • Sugden, J.T, Adair, D. Schulenkorf, N. Frawley, S. (2019), ‘Brief immersion, rich engagement. Prospects for outsiders undertaking short-term ethnography. The case of sport and intergroup relations in Fiji. – revise and resubmit in Journal for Sport Management (In Press).
  • Sugden, J. T, Schulenkorf, N. Frawley, S. (2019), ‘The Role of Sport in Reflecting and Shaping Group Dynamics: The “Intergroup Relations Continuum” and its Application to Fijian Rugby and Soccer – revise and resubmit to Sport Management Review (In Press).
  • Schulenkorf, N., Sugden, J.T., & Sugden, J. (2016). Sport for conflict resolution and peace building. Managing Sport Development: An International Approach, in. N. Schulenkorf & D. Adair (eds) Global Sport-for-Development, pp. 147-168. https://doi.org/10.1080/16138171.2011.11687881
  • Spacey, G & Sugden, J.T. (2016), ‘Football 4 Peace: An Activity Based-Community Relations and Reconciliation Initiative’, in. D. Conrad & A. White (eds) Sports Based Health Interventions, Springer, New York, pp. 117-128.
  • Sugden, J.T. & Schulenkorf, N. (2016), ‘Sport for Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding’, in E. Sherry, P. N. Schulenkorf and P. Phillips (eds) Managing Sport For Development, Routledge, London, pp147-159. https://doi.org/10.1080/16138171.2011.11687881
  • Sugden, J.T. (2012) ‘Play Life: Values-based Life Skills Training through Physical Activity for Children’, The University of Johannesburg. ISBN: 978-0-86970-726-5