Physiological Support

At Edge Hill we provide a range of physiological tests to cater for a variety of sports and individuals. Our High Performance Lab contains specialist equipment and is run by highly qualified staff to ensure you get the best quality service.

Physiological testing is not just for the elite athlete. It is individualised and specialist support suited to the needs of the client, and can be for anyone wanting to improve their own personal performance and/or fitness gains. Whether its completing a marathon, monitoring your training cycles, sport-specific advice or simply improving your fitness we are keen to help.

We complete a variety of physiological tests in both the laboratory and out in the field, designed specifically to suit your needs. Please select a physiological test form the menu below to find out more information on each test, its design and why it may be useful to you.
If you have a specialist requirement or would like to chat about any of the information you have read, then please contact us for more details.

V02max Testing

This test is regarded as the gold standard measure of aerobic fitness. We identify your VO2max (the maximum amount of oxygen that you can inhale and utilise) by analysing the gas you exhale while exercising progressively to maximum exhaustion. This test can be completed during any mode of exercise i.e. running, cycling, rowing etc.

If you would any further details please contact us.

Lactate Threshold Testing

This test is used to determine important training thresholds which can be used as a training tool or to identify improvements in endurance performance.

Lactate threshold testing involves  exericing for 3-4 minute stages with the speed progressivley increasing after each stage. At the end of each stage we take a tiny blood sample from the earlobe or finger tip to identify the amount of lactate in your blood. The test then stops when we identify your specific lactate thresholds.

If you would like any further details or to book this test please contact us.

V02max & Lactate Threshold Test

This test combines the two lab tests in one session. Once we have identified your lactate thresholds you will continue working to maximum exhaustion and your V02max is calculated.

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Field Testing

Field testing is best suited for teams. With the high amount of athletes in a team field testing comprises a number of physiological tests that are quick and easy to complete.

The physiological tests aim to measure the specific needs of the desired sport e.g. football involves endurance, agility, strength and speed so we will design separate tests to measure all the required aspects of the game.

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Isokinetic Dynamometry

Isokinetic dynamometry utilises specialised equipment to measure the strength and power exerted by a limb or number of limbs. It can also be used to identify imbalances between limbs and muscle groups. This test is useful in athlete’s that require muscle strength and power, and can help aid muscle injury rehabilitation.

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Body Composition Assessment

We have the equipment and expertise to complete a variety of body composition assessments. We would recommend skinfold & girth assessments or our gold-standard BodPod assessment.

Skinfold & Girth Assessment: this involves the use of skinfold callipers to measure the adipose tissue over several sites around the body. We are able to calculate your muscle mass, fat percentage and fat free mass.

Bodpod Assessment: this uses specialised state of the art equipment to measure your body composition parameters (e.g. fat percentage, fat free mass)

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