Sport Respects Your Rights


Sport Respects Your Rights:

Empowering young Europeans to build a respectful culture against violence and harassment in sport

View our 3 minute film which explains the background to the Sport Respects Your Rights project.

This project (associated with the Council of Europe “ONE in FIVE” campaign to stop sexual violence against children) is led by Sport Austria and funded by the European Union’s DAPHNE III programme. The objective of the project is to empower young Europeans (16-22 years) to combat sexualized violence and gender-based harassment through youth-led campaigns and local cross-sector networks in six European countries, within the context of sport.

The Edge Hill team is implementing the project within the UK whilst other teams from Germany, Italy, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands do the same in their own countries. During 2014 the team, who have received specialist training from the German Sports University, Cologne, will be holding workshops for young people at sports clubs in Lancashire and helping to facilitate youth-led campaigns on this issue.

One of our first campaigns is the hand-signal STOP1in5 initiated by the Rugby League Youth Panel – have a look at the Twitter campaign at #STOP1in5 – it’s already been supported by many from the sports community, including a number of sports stars and celebrities.

If you would like further information on this project please contact Dr Mike Hartill at or view the project homepage at:

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