Students challenge stigma of mental health and illness

State of Mind Sport

In 2017, Sports Development and Management students developed and delivered a range of sports-based events with high profile partners, such as State of Mind Sport as part of National Student Mental Health Day.

Students taking the Working in Sport, Physical Activity and Health module worked with external organisations on a 12-week project that explored the connections between mental and physical health. Under the theme of ‘Active Mental Health’, the students designed a programme of activities, including workshops, sport and physical activity sessions and mental health awareness stalls, and monitored and evaluated the event to measure its impact. Nearly 3,000 people were engaged in student-led activities as part of Edge Hill’s Student Mental Health Day, and more than 1,200 people were reached via Twitter and Facebook, which were used to promote and engage others in the activities.

“The students developed extra skills, knowledge and confidence about organising an event. I think they went away with extra awareness and knowledge, and will feel more confident about talking about stigma and issues that, up till fairly recently, haven’t been talked about.”

Malcolm Rae, State of Mind Sport charity