Day 2 Resources

Day 2


Thank you to all of our presenters.  Please click on the session titles below to view presentations and papers that have been shared with us.


1.1.  A novel approach to developing, assessing and evaluating interprofessional competencies for patient safety.  Catherine Coates, Leeds Metropolitan University and Julie Laxton, University of Leeds 

1.2.  Hands on, hands off.  Implications for Clinical Practice.  Angela Hepworth, Edge Hill University

2.1.  Employment expectations in a sample of first year Psychology students: embedding the HEA Psychology student.  Dr Linda Kaye, Edge Hill University and Dr Elizabeth Bates, University of Cumbria

2.2.  Taking the tablet, a route to success?  Dr Gillian Griffiths and Gethin Foulkes, Edge Hill University

3.  Peer mentoring – successes, challenges and future plans.  Lisa Adams-Davey, Edge Hill University

4.  Making assessment count.  Dr Petter Chatterton, Daedalus; Professor Gunter Saunders, University of Westminster and Dr John Bostock, Edge Hill University

5.  COOCs: using popular education principles in designing a learning platform for the community. Peter Shukie, University Centre Blackburn College

6.  The power of student involvement: using posters as a teaching tool in managing large classes.  Dr Remi Aduradola and Professor Bolanle Akeredolu-Ale, Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria

7.  A suggested computer program for Dewey Decimal Classification and some other library ervices and processes in the digital library of Minia.  Dr Inas Mandour, Minia University, Egypt

8.1.  Planning learning for the needs and interests of students during transition to higher education.  Dr John Bostock and Jane Wood, Edge Hill University

8.2.  Is there a delay in the initial reporting of dyslexia in higher education learners? An exploratory study.  Paul Henderson, Edge Hill University

9.1.  Supporting transition: from FE to HE and between academic levels. A practical solution.  Carol Wilson, Edge Hill University

9.2  Touchy feely teaching in the large group setting.  Alexandra Swift, Edge Hill University

10.1.  HE drop in – evaluation of a truly inclusive project.  Daniel Robinson, Robyn Pratt and Connor Richmond, Edge Hill University

10.2.  Building bridges with China: collaborative opportunities to enhance international experiences for students and academics.  Veronica Vernon and Cathy Griffiths, Edge Hill University

11.  An early insight into HE study: the Head Start pre-induction project.  James Fraser, Nadine Sunderland and Sarah Ruston, University of Cumbria

12.  Project DigitISE: linking digital literacy and employability.  Emma Woods, University of Westminster

13.  Supporting students to build up positive mental health and resilience.  Liz Diamond, Dr John Bostock and Hazel Devereux, Edge Hill University

14. A public health experience in Sub Sahara Africa. Terry Keen, Edge Hill University


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