Day 1 Resources

Thank you to all of our presenters.  Please click on the session titles below to view presentations and papers that have been shared with us.

1.  Increasing student attainment and engagement through the use of technology to enhance learning.  Dawne Bell and David Wooff, Edge Hill University 

2.  Experiences of implementing QR codes in higher education.  Stu Field, Edge Hill University

3.1.  Back to basics: Making the most of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  Barbara Hunter-Douglas and Laura Taylor, Edge Hill University

3.2.  “Come my friends ’tis not too late to seek a newer world…”.  Judith Ball and Dr John Bostock, Edge Hill University

4.1.  Unlocking the VLE: a collaborative approach to the co-creation of learning resources which support effective teaching and learning.  Stephen Rose, University of Exeter

4.2.  Practice learning support tool: enhancing the student practice learning experience.  Tracey Baker and Alan Seatwo, Edge Hill University

5.1.  e-Gothicist: Utilising TEL to enhance the student experience.  Dr Ben Brabon, Edge Hill University

5.2.  Court on the web: courtroom simulation in distance learning.  Jacquie Vallis, Teesside University

6.1.  Beyond PowerPoint – lets go one better.  Angela Hepworth, Edge Hill University

6.2.  Making a module fit the shape of the BlackBoard Exemplary Course Programme.  Chris Jones, Edge Hill University

7.1.  Synchronous or asynchronous – that is the question; are online classrooms the answer?  Jacqui Basquill, Edge Hill University

7.2.  In-STEP international student and education partnerships in a digital environment.  Dr Megan Lawton, University of Wolverhampton

8.  Does the choice of online learning environment influence soical learning in online courses?  Chris Miller and Jane Wagstaff, The Co-operative College

9.1.  The big bang:  Electronic Assessment Management (EAM).  Laura Taylor, Edge Hill University

9.2.  The use of social media to enhance the student experience from pre-application to post-graduation.  Paul Smalley, Edge Hill University

10.1.  Overcoming barriers to learning technology adoption.  Peter Beaumont, Edge Hill University

10.2.  Undertaking project ‘Elevate’: Blackboard and eAssessmentAmina Helal, University of Salford

10.3.  Death by Prezi?  Gethin Foulkes, Edge Hill University

11.  Forms of feedback: formative feedback through the social media and blogs. Joanna Neil, University Centre Blackburn College  

12.  Making a difference with eMarking – providing feedback to students.  Maureen Readle and Jak Radice, University of Bradford

13.  A model for assessing electronic media: one size fits all?  Judith Williams and Soraya Kouadri Mostefaoui, the Open University

14.1.  Understanding is in the eye of the beholder: using headcams to explore our understanding of practice.  Mark Partington, Edge Hill University

14.2.  Using the BlackBoard Exemplary Course Programme (ECP) to enhance the student experience.  Steve Sherer and Kerry Gouldson, Edge Hill University   

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