Conference Themes

 Day One – SOLSTICE Conference Themes:

  • Creative deployment of technologies to enhance the student experience
  • Getting the best out of the VLE
  • Adding value to large group teaching using technology
  • Creative use of technologies in the classroom
  • Electronic assessment and feedback
  • Student induction into HE and the role of technology
  • Going beyond PowerPoint
  • Technologies and formative assessment
  • The role and use of online classrooms


Day Two – CLT Conference Themes: 

  • Student induction and transitions
  • Making the first year experience a success
  • Assessment for learning
  • Retention focused practices
  • Adding value to large group teaching
  • Enhancing employability
  • Skills and information literacy
  • Academic writing
  • Teaching and supporting international students
  • Leading change in the teaching and learning arena
  • Internationalisation and international students’ experiences
  • Feedback
  • Emerging challenges and improving student success
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