2008 Conference


eLearning and Learning Environments for the Future

5th June 2008


The third annual international SOLSTICE Conference built on the success of the 2006 & 2007 conferences and attracted over 200 delegates from across the UK and as far away as Japan and the Maldives.

The conference focused on the relationships between research, innovation, and development. There was a distinct spotlight on the concepts of learning environments and their elearning components – as they exist now, and as they might transpire as time progresses – with a respondance to some compelling and perhaps pressing questions:

  • What is informing our current and future conceptions of elearning and learning environments?
  • What theoretical and evidence bases are structuring our thinking, policy making and implementations?
  • How might we juxtapose the physical, virtual and cognitive dimensions of learning environments?
  • On what bases might we predict the learning environments of 2020 for the learners of that point in time?
  • What is the status of the current research agenda and is it robust enough to serve as a foundation for predictions and aspirations?

The two keynote speakers gave inspirational and thought provoking speeches and the conference programme was packed with over 40 sessions.

Conference Resources

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