SOLSTICE continues to develop as a method of curriculum design and delivery, extending to a wide range of programmes. It impacts upon all three Faculties at Edge Hill University, enhancing students’ learning opportunities.

SOLSTICE was established with six key aims:

  • The further development of SOLSTICE as a method of pedagogic development as a result of continuing evaluative research, and further technological development as new technologies and multimedia applications become available
  • The association within Edge Hill University of SOLSTICE-led approaches in a wider range of programmes in all three Faculties
  • The sharing of expertise with a larger group of staff within Edge Hill University in curriculum design, preparation of online material, and online tutoring and support, building on existing expertise
  • The recognition of excellence by the operation of a human resources strategy combining financial reward, enhanced access to scholarly activities and Fellowship as recognition for development work
  • The sharing of knowledge, expertise and skills with the higher education sector both in the UK and internationally, building on an existing track record of contacts
  • The development of physical locations as a focus where new academic teams can work together and where staff development and training can be furthered
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