Dr Sally Hester


Sally Hester studied sociology at Bangor University where she developed a keen interest in the sociology of childhood and interactionist methods for the study of children’s lives. Her PhD in Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University comprised an ethnographic conversation analysis of family mealtime interaction. She has worked at Edge Hill since 2012 where she has taught on the Early Childhood Studies programme and where her research interests have developed in the field of early childhood education and care. Her current work combines her fascination for the detail of social life with a growing interest in relational sociology, particularly the work of Norbert Elias.


  •  BA (Hons) Sociology, Bangor, 2001.
  • PhD (Sociology) Manchester Metropolitan University, 2007


  • SPY3039: Researching Early Years
  • SPY2032: Cultural Practices and Representations of Childhood and Youth
  • SPY2029: Contemporary Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Care


  • Interactionist methods, early childhood education and care


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