Professor Tom Cockburn


Tom Cockburn is Professor in Social Sciences at Edge Hill University. He is currently Head of Department of Social Sciences at Edge Hill, after working for fourteen years at the University of Bradford and five years previously at Manchester Metropolitan University. He graduated in Sociology at the University of Manchester in 1991 with a first class degree and was awarded a PhD at the University of Manchester in 1996.

In the UK he has undertaken research into children and young people with The Childrens’ Society, Drugs charities, The Y.E.S. Forum, various local and national government organisations. He has been involved with a number of European projects including an evaluator for the Y.E.S. Forum, a consultant for Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelische Jugendsozialarbeit (BAG EJSA) in Germany. He has published on a wide variety of issues concerning children and young people including: citizenship, theorising participation in public spaces and sport, children’s welfare, children’s associations and politics, youth offending, young people’s involvement in far right extremism, drug use in schools and has developed research methods in partnership with practitioners.

He has published widely in international publications in Germany, France, Holland, amongst others. His single authored book for Palgrave MacMillan entitled `Rethinking Children’s Citizenship: Theory, Rights and Interdependence’ explored theories of children’s citizenship from a broad historical perspective. Currently his research interests involve marginalised children and young people in Europe a European comparative framework. He understands children’s role in civil society and theorising of children’s rights through the prism of feminist and post-colonial approaches.

He currently Chairs and coordinates the European Sociological Association Research Network of the Sociology of Children and Childhood RN04 (with a membership of 160 members).

Publications since 2005


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Chapters in books

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