Professor Mark McGovern


Mark completed an undergraduate degree in History at Trinity College, Dublin in 1986 before being awarded a PhD by the University of Liverpool in 1994, shortly before taking up a position at Edge Hill University. He became a Reader in 2004 and became Professor of Sociology in 2009.

Mark’s primary areas of research include the study of conflict and the politics of transition in post-conflict societies, human rights and transitional justice and the critical analysis of ‘terrorism’ and political violence. His research has been supported by funding from a range of organisations, including; the British Academy; the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust; the European Union Special Programme for Peace and Reconciliation Fund; and the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council. He has published two books (including as co-author of Ardoyne: The Untold Truth) and has had articles appear in a number of leading international peer-reviewed journals, including; SociologyCritical Studies on TerrorismLaw and SocietyTerrorism and Political ViolenceState Crime; and Race and Class.  

Mark is currently undertaking research, working in collaboration with human rights NGOs  – principally the Belfast-based victims’ group, Relative for Justice – and community organisations, on state violence, collusion and truth recovery, as well as conducting consultancy projects on issues of the state abuse of human rights. He is also carrying out work on the historic role of informers and undercover police and intelligence agents in political groups and movements and on the state use of torture.

Reflecting these research areas, Mark leads teaching in the 2nd and 3rd year modules on conflict and political violence and the critical study of ‘terrorism’ on the Sociology programme. He offers PhD supervision in the broad areas of his research, including; political violence, state violence and ‘terrorism’; the critical analysis of counterinsurgency; and human rights and redressing the legacy of conflict.


  • PhD, University of Liverpool, 1994
  • BA History, Trinity College, Dublin, 1986


  • SPY3110: Critical Terrorism Studies (Module Leader)
  • SPY2136: States, Conflict and Political Violence (Module Leader)
  • SPY3031: Dissertations
  • SPY1112: Introduction to Cultural Studies


  • State Violence and Political Violence
  • Critical Study of ‘Terrorism’
  • Transitional Justice, Truth Recovery and the Politics of Memory
  • Comparative Community Experiences of Policing



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