Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds

Paul taught at Universities in Hull, York and Leeds in areas as varied as political economy, political sociology, public administration, politics and social sciences before taking up a lectureship at Edge Hill in 1992. In his career here he has led the Contemporary Political Studies, Social Psychology and Sociology undergraduate degrees, as well as being seconded to the central team that gained Research Degree Awarding Powers for Edge Hill University in 2005-2009. He currently leads the Sociology undergraduate programme and provides leadership to the MRes programme in the social sciences, as well as supervising PhD students in his broad areas of research: sexual ethics, politics and culture; radical social and political theory and philosophy (with particular reference to Marxism); the intellectual and professional in contemporary societies; and research ethics.

His current teaching and research reflects his main trans-disciplinary interest in the intersection of ethics and politics with identity and difference, with particular reference to sexuality. Paul leads teaching in the 2nd and 3rd year modules on sexuality and social and cultural theory and analysis in the Sociology Programme.

His current and ongoing writing focuses on sexual ethics and politics, focused on the relationship between sexual consent, sexual literacy and sexual well-being in its deviirse forms, and the problems of sexual law, legitimacy and citizenship. He also writes on Marxist theory – mainly in its intersections with sexuality and the phenomenal body – and the radical intellectual. Paul has a number of international and national research roles and positions and measures of esteem and you can find out more about them below. In the academic year 2017-2018, Paul will also hold the position of Visiting Professor at the University of Gent.


  •  BA (Hons) Social Studies (Hull University), 1984


  • SPY 3042 Desire, Identity, Difference
  • SPY 3035 International Fieldtrip Module
  • SPY 3111 Social, Cultural and Political Ideas
  • SPY 2137 Sexualities: Identities, Theory, Politics
  • SPY3031 Dissertations
  • MRes / PhD Supervisor


  • Sexual ethics and politics: consent, responsibility, difference, literacy and well-being in the context of sex law and citizenship
  • Theorising the intellectual and professional in radical theory and politics;
  • Marxism as radical social critique, with particular reference to ethics and sexuality;
  • Processes of ethical deliberation, research ethics and research ethics governance.


Journal Articles

Moore, A. & Reynolds, P. (2016) ‘Against the Ugliness of Age: Towards an Erotics of the Aging Sexual Body’ Inter Alia A Journal of Queer Studies 11a 88-105

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Book Chapters

Reynolds, P (2018 forthcoming) “Incest.” In Merril D. Smith, ed., Encylopedia of Rape and Sexual Violence. 2 vols. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2018.

Reynolds P. (2017) Complicity as Political Rhetoric: Some Ethical and Political Reflections in Afxentis, A, Dunford R and Neu M (eds. 2017) Exploring Complicity: Concepts, Cases and Critique London: Rowman and Littlefield.

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Hallett, F., McAteer, M, Reynolds P and Shortt D (2015) To Believe, To Think, To Know – To Teach?: Ethical Deliberation in Teacher Education in Heilbronn R and Foreman-Peck L (eds) Philosophical Perspectives on Teacher Education Oxford: Wiley Blackwell  p89-108.

Reynolds P (2014) Solidarity through Practice? MacIntyre’s Revolutionary Aristotelianism: A Marxist Reading (p58-76) and Introduction (p1-12 in Boyd SH and Walter MA (eds) Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity: Solidarities and Social Function Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars.

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Periodicals, Articles and Other Publications:

(2013) Toestemming en seksuele ethiek in Filosofie (Special Issue – Filosofie en Seks(ualiteiet) Nov/Dec p21-29

(2013) The World We Have Won? An Interview with Jeffrey Weeks in the Journal of the International Network of Sexual Ethics and Politics Vol 1 p 69-84 (Interviewer)

(2012) Naked Royals Reveal Limits of Press Freedom in The Chartist November/December 2012 p22-23

(2012) Another Side of Adam Smith in The Chartist March/April 2012 p23-24

Additional information:

Co-Convenor of the International Network for Sexual Ethics and Politics (INSEP) Co-Chief Editor of its Journal (JINSEP)

Co-Director of the Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity International Network (that ‘seeks to promote ethical, responsible, and reasoned discussions, conferences, publications, and literary and artistic events on issues of cultural difference and social solidarity’)

Member editorial board of Historical Materialism: International Journal of Research in Critical Marxist Theory (with Brill publishers)

Member advisory editorial board for Studies in Marxism: A Journal of Marxist Thought

Visiting Professor at the University of Gent

Chief External Examiner; University of the West of England,

External Examiner sociology/psychology University Centre Blackburn College

External Examiner MRes Humanities, University of Worcester.

Previously, Externally examiner undergraduate programmes at the University of Abertay, University of Glasgow Caledonian, University of Wales in Newport and the University of Bolton, and also the MRes Programme at London Metropolitan University and the MA.DPhil programmes for PEAK (Research Ethics Centre), University of Keele

Examined Postgraduate Research Degrees at the University of Keele and the University of Central Lancashire

Independent Chair, University of Limerick (Ireland) Research Ethics Committee

Held visiting lectureships and fellowships at the Department of Politics and European Studies, Palecky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic (2005), and the Centre for Everyday Life, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia (2004) respectively;

Given invited lectures on keynote addresses on sexual ethics and politics and radical theory and philosophy across the globe, including Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia, Siberia (and the United Kingdom)