Dr Allison Moore


Since graduating with a degree in Applied Social Sciences in 1999 Allison has worked in a variety of settings, including Higher Education and the Voluntary and Community Sector. Allison has taught across a range of modules within the Social Sciences for the past twelve years.


  • Certificate in Psychosexual Studies, Tavistock Relationships, 2017
  • LLM Gender, Sexuality and the Law, Keele University, 2015
  • PhD ‘The Limits of Sexual Citizenship: An Exploration of the Cultural Worlds of Non-heteronormative Communities’, Edge Hill University, 2010
  • PGCert in Research Degrees Supervision, Edge Hill University, 2010
  • PGCE (Post Compulsory Education), Bolton Institute of Higher Education, 2000
  • BA (HONS) Applied Social Sciences, University of Lancaster, 1999


  • SPY2032 Cultural Practices and Representations of Childhood and Youth – Module Leader
  • SPY 2036 Identity, Diversity and Difference in Contemporary Societies
  • SPY3030 Childhood and Sexuality
  • SPY 3042 Desire, Ethics, Difference, Regulating Sexuality
  • Supervisor for BA (Hons) Dissertations
  • PhD Supervisor


My research interests include:

  • Sexual politics, rights and citizenship, especially young people and sexual citizenship
  • Representations of childhood and youth in popular culture
  • Politics of HIV and Sexual Health
  • Critical Autism Studies
  • Autism and Sexuality


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