Leona Forde: Exploring the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers once they have arrived in the United Kingdom

My research is being carried out as part of the Department of Social Sciences at Edge Hill University. I had previously studied my undergraduate degree in Sociology at Edge Hill and decided to continue my studies as part of the MRes programme that is offered at the university. My current research interests focus on matters relating to immigration, ethnicity and identity. I have produced various types of work on these topics during my undergraduate degree, most notably my dissertation on media representations of race and immigration in the UK in relation to the European Union Referendum.

My MRes research focuses on the experiences of refugees once they have been resettled in the UK. It seeks to provide further detail on the social and structural factors that influence the experience of resettlement. My interest in this field stems from previous work and the growing presence of issues regarding immigration, refugees and asylum seekers in politics and the media. The growing representation of ethnic minority groups in the media can have numerous positive and negative impacts. Most significantly, it has made issues regarding immigration prominent in day-to-day social situations and also political discussions. Therefore my current research aims to address the impact this might have had on the experiences of those resettling in the UK.