Edwin Murambiwa

Edwin holds a Master of Arts degree in Social Work from the University of Salford, obtained 2013, and is a registered social work practitioner. His academic achievements include an overall merit award for the MA degree, a first class pass in Social Work Law, final 100-day placement and dissertation.
Edwin’s personal experiences of migration and becoming a migrant worker compliment and support his work resettling refugees in the North West. Before migrating to the United Kingdom in 2006, he worked as a teacher and school head in Zimbabwe. He has a teaching certificate and a Bachelor of Education (Educational Administration; Planning and policy Studies) from University of Zimbabwe. He gained a range of transferrable skills which has broadened his skills-base, enhancing his capacity to understand the migrant experience.
Edwin is currently employed by New Start Ltd as a project manager for the “New Roots” project. He played a pivotal role in the establishment and development of this project. The project is an initiative to prevent homelessness of refugees and their families once their support with UK Border Agency comes to an end. Edwin is also involved with the resettlement of Syrians fleeing war under the UNHCR – Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (VRPS).
His current role has increased his awareness of the complexities involved in understanding and interpreting cultural diversity and the needs of people from other cultures. Being from an ethnic minority group he is aware of, and recognises the effects of, discrimination and segregation-within services, communities and wider society. He feels confident that both his theoretical and practical knowledge will bring valuable contributions to the MWG-NW.
Through the role of visiting fellow within Edge Hill’s Migration Working Group, Edwin is seeking a forum where he can share and discuss the insights gained from his experiences. He wants to be part of a group that combines theory and practitioner insight to deepen an understanding of the changing needs of migrants and asylum seekers/refugees in the UK and elsewhere.