MWG-NW Seminar Series: Dr Vicky Canning

Challenging immigration detention and harm of the UK asylum system

Friday, 15th November 2019 at 1pm, Edge Hill Campus, Creative Edge Room 225

The session, led by grass roots organisations working with and for people who have experienced immigration detention in the UK, will include presentations from:

a)  Members of Migrant Artists   Mutual Aid (MaMa);

b)  Samuel Farmery (MaMa);

c)  Lauren Cape-Davenhill (Right to Remain / These Walls Must Fall);

d)  Vicky Canning (University of Bristol, MaMa affiliate and collaborator with R2R).


The session will include readings from ‘Strategies for Survival, Recipes for Resistance’ edited by Members of Migrant Artist Mutual Aid, the screening of a short film by These Walls Must Fall and a short talk by Vicky Canning. This will be followed by an activist session during which attendees will be able to plan any actions they could be involved in to challenge immigration detention and support those who have direct experience of it in the North West. Further details of the session (or letting us know that you would like to attend) can be obtained by emailing Agnieszka Martynowicz @