MGW – NW Seminar: Prof Anne-Marie Fortier

7th of February, 2018, 3-5pm, Room: W6, Wilson Building

Title: Language, citizenship and postcolonial languaging


This paper draws on fieldwork conducted in the North West of England about the citizenship and naturalisation process. The paper focuses on language requirements for immigrant seeking permanent residency or citizenship. It examines how the endurance of colonial histories and the rise of English as a ‘world language’ frames the language requirements. The paper discusses how race and language are deeply connected through the entanglement of regimes of seeing with regimes of hearing.


Prof Anne-Marie Fortier is Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University. Her research examines governing practices that seek to stabilise identities in the face of migration. She has explored these processes in contexts such as migrant community formation; multiculturalism, cohesion and integration; queer diasporas; national genetic genealogies; and, currently, the citizenship naturalisation process in England (funded by the British Academy and the Leverhulme Trust). Prof Fortier’s research contributes to citizenship studies, cultural studies, critical migration and diaspora studies, border studies, policy studies.

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This seminar will be chaired by the MWG-NW director, Dr Zana Vathi

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