MGW – NW Seminar: Dr Erica Consterdine

The crises of migration in 2020s Britain: Brexit, Covid-19 & the Hostile Environment


Dr Erica Consterdine is a Lecturer in Public Policy in the Politics, Philosophy & Religion (PPR) Department at Lancaster University. She specialises in public policy and specifically immigration politics & policy. Her work has appeared in BJPIR, JEPP and JEMS, and her book published by Palgrave in 2018 focused on immigration policymaking entitled Labour’s Immigration Policy: The Making of the Migration State. Prior to joining Lancaster, Erica was a Research Fellow at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research (SCMR) and the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) where she conducted research on temporary migration, CEAS, gig economy and labour migration. Her current research focuses on street level bureaucracy and discretion in welfare and immigration, investment visas and the Hostile Environment.

Summary of talk

In the realm of immigration, Britain currently faces a triple crisis involving both exogenous shocks and internal incremental changes. The Covid-19 pandemic has raised critical utilitarian questions regarding who is valued in the UK economy. At the same time, the Brexit product and the consequential new PBS immigration system will have major implications for employers and migrant workers rights. Finally, the incremental shifts towards everyday bordering under the Hostile Environment has led to the coercive state, a dangerous shift which looks set to inflict on EU citizens, and where all citizens are coerced to enforce migration controls. This talk will explain the culmination of these crises, the paradigm that underpin this new mode of governance and speculate on what this will mean for future migration politics and policy.

Watch the seminar here