MGW-NW Seminar: Chantelle Lunt

How Racism Impacts Children and Young People

Chantelle Lunt is a writer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and activist. She has a professional background in Public Service, including her work in policing and children’s social care. She owns a juice and smoothie bar ‘The Little Green Juice Box’ and writes for independent magazines ‘Rattle Liverpool’. Chantelle is an advocate of racial equality, having experienced racism throughout her life, particularly during her service as a Police Officer.

She is the founder of Merseyside BLM Alliance, a group which she established at a time when BLM was moving out of the news cycle. Merseyside BLM Alliance has become one of the most proactive anti-racist groups in Merseyside. Chantelle is the chair of Merseyside Alliance for Racial Equality, a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that black people are not discriminated against and have their needs responded to at a community level. Additionally, Chantelle is also a final year Criminology and Sociology student.

Summary of Talk
I will begin this talk by drawing on my personal experiences of overt racism, unconscious bias and stigmatisation, as a child growing up in Halewood. I will talk about how this upbringing can leave children and young people feeling ‘between worlds’, often internalising white cultural norms, or conforming to the black cultural expectations to fit in, which can cause a racial identity crisis. I will talk about my personal grapple with my racial identity, throughout my childhood and teens, and how this was only resolved in adulthood. I will also discuss the impact that professional input on race and identity matters had on me and the role professionals play in countering racism. I will close by discussing BLM and why I created Merseyside BLM Alliance. I will outline the work we hope to do with young people and educators to break the cycles of racism to give hope to the next generations.

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