The return to and (re)integration of Albanian migrants and their children in Albania: implications for policy-making


Edge Hill University RIF (2013)


Dr Zana Vathi (Principal Investigator); Dr Veronika Duci (Research Assistant)


The economic crisis in Greece, where many Albanian migrants have migrated to since the beginning of the 1990s, is affecting the lives of migrants and is catalysing their return to Albania. To date, little is known about this phenomenon. Some press articles maintain that a large part of the Albanian community in Greece have returned or plan to. They also briefly mention that children of migrants are feeling alienated and experiencing difficulties in what is a new environment to them. This project focuses on the return to and (re)integration of the Albanian migrants and their families in Albania and takes a particular interest in the children. It aims to add to the knowledge on return migration and contribute to its theorization. It also aims to inform policy makers in Albania on the needs of the migrant families and their children.


Vathi, Z., Duci, V. and Dhembo, E. (2016). Homeland (dis)integration: Educational experience, children and return migration to Albania. International Migration 54 (3): 159-172.

Vathi, Z. and Duci, V. (2016). Making other dreams: The impact of migration on the psychosocial wellbeing of Albanian-origin children upon their families’ return to Albania. Childhood 23 (1): 53-68.