Supporting the Effective Reintegration of Roma Returnees in the Western Balkans


World Bank (2017-18)


Dr Zana Vathi (International Consultant)


This is a regional project that focuses on return migration and the vulnerability of Roma migrants in its context. The project follows the consideration of the Western Balkan countries as “safe countries of origin” in 2015 by the European Commission. This means that asylum claims on political grounds from these countries would be highly unsuccessful and so would be followed by returns. Indeed, EUROSTAT reported that in 2016, Western Balkan countries were the main country of origin for the returnees from EU countries. The project has a strong focus on policy-making, as the findings will be directly reported to the EU Commission, which will then tailor its approach to the Western Balkans’ region.


Vathi, Z. (2018). How can we address the vulnerability of returnees? Paper presented at the workshop ‘Supporting the Effective Reintegration of (Roma) Returnees’. Inception Workshop, January 15, 2018. World Bank Office, Vienna.