Promoting inclusion for Migrants’ Empowerment

The project has been developed in partnership with: Merseyside Expanding Horizons (UK), Per Esempio (Italy), Peñascal S.Coop. (Spain), United Societies of Balkans (Greece), Apprentis D’Auteuil (France), AWO KV Bremerhaven e.V (Germany).

The high numbers of migratory flows that move across the Mediterranean and the Balkan route, bringing thousands of people out of wars, conflicts and poverty to Europe, is reflected in the higher and higher number of young migrants, most of them minors. The reason why these young people leave their country are: to escape from persecution or serious damage, and thus seeking “physical protection”, economic reasons and future expectations, and eventually reunion with their families.

Psycho-social support actions are relevant to understand their stories, the reasons that pushed them to migrate, their needs and their future aspirations. Youth workers and youth organizations can play, in these terms, an important role.

Through informal and non-formal activities, if they are trained and equipped with the appropriate tools, youth workers may provide the PIN-code, which is the access key to enter and be included within the host societies.

Starting from these considerations, the project “Pin for ME” aimed at:

• Improving the quality of the socio-educational animation for young migrants through cooperation among youth organizations and youth workers.

• Increasing the capacity and improving the strategies of youth workers and organizations, addressed to the young migrants’ support.

The project included three complementary activities:

1. 1 Training Course in Palermo,

2. 4 Study Visits in Palermo, Paris/Le Mans, Liverpool and Bremerhaven

3. 1 Final Seminar in Palermo.

During the Study visit in Liverpool, EU participants had the opportunity to visit local organisations and share methodologies with their staff and directors. Special thanks to : Asylum Link Merseyside, Refugee Council in Manchester, Sola Arts, and Fire Fit Hub.

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