EU Migrants of the North West: Continuation and Disruption in the post-Brexit era


Edge Hill University RIF (2017)


Dr Zana Vathi (Principal Investigator); Dr Ruxandra Trandafoiu (Co-Investigator)


The future of 3.2 million EU nationals in post-Brexit UK continues to be at the top of the news agenda, however their voice is rarely heard. This project aims to analyse the impact that Brexit is having on EU citizens residing in the UK. The project employs major migration theories and concepts and aims to empirically investigate and theorise the unprecedented situation of EU migrants in the UK post Brexit. Another major objective is to inform public discourse, charities and government policy about the attitudes, needs and aspirations of EU citizens post Brexit, with particular reference to the North West. It is estimated that 252,000 EU migrants live in this region (Hawkins, House of Commons report, 2016), yet there are hardly any dedicated migration studies. Many areas in the North West (with the notable exception of Liverpool) voted to leave the EU. Correlated with UKIP support patterns, these statistics could indicate a certain risk for the long-term prospects in the UK of EU born residents, making research not just necessary, but essential.


Vathi, Z. and Trandafoiu, R. (2018). Losing Rights? The impact of Brexit on the high and low skilled EU migrants in the north west of the UK. IMISCOE Annual Conference, Barcelona. (forthcoming)

Trandafoiu, R. and Vathi, Z. (2018). Fractured Nationhood: Politics From Afar for the Romanians in the UK During Brexit. Annual Conference of Romanian Studies, Bucharest. (forthcoming)