Dragons of the Pool

10th February – 18th March 2018
The Williamson Art Gallery

Dragons of the Pool exhibition at The Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead People gathering in the gallery for the exhibition

Dragons of the Pool was a Heritage Lottery Funded multimedia exhibition at The Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead.

It chronicled the little-known history of Chinese seamen who were secretly deported from the UK after WW2. Hundreds of men were repatriated, some without warning, taken on board cargo ships bound for China. Over a thousand Chinese seamen disappeared from their family homes in Liverpool, never to be heard of again.

These men were not criminals, nor had they committed any offence. Rather, they were war heroes – merchant sailors who had risked their lives on the Atlantic convoys which kept Britain alive during the darkest days of the war.

Many families had lived in the belief that their husbands and fathers had simply disappeared. It wasn’t until the release of declassified records 50 years later that it was revealed that over 1,300 Chinese sailors had been put on specially assigned ships and sent to the Far East without notice.

The exhibition ran from February 10th to March 18th 2018. Over 3,600 people visited the exhibition and the exhibition was featured on local radio and television.

The project’s research is archived in Birkenhead Library, Wirral.