Haaroon Ali

This internship came as a breath of fresh air as my personal research is around the same subject area, which has found that there is a significant lack of qualitative data in the field EU migration. My dissertation received a first-class mark of 80 and I graduated with a first-class degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice (with honors) in 2018. The subject area of the internship pertains to the experiences, precariousness and the harm Brexit has caused to approximately 3.2 million European Union (EU) citizens and their rights.
This internship has been instrumental in helping me to advance my academic skills; something which is very important as I am pursuing a Master’s in Research (MRes) at Edge Hill University around Brexit in October of 2018. My research aims to highlight the various ways in which harm is inflicted to constructed ‘othered’ groups and ‘outsiders’ in contemporary English society through historical, socio-economic and political structures within the context of Brexit. This adopts zemiological (harms-based) approach which matches the very qualitative approach set by this internship and the research associated with it. Therefore, I have acquired and advanced many academic skills through the various tasks that were set via the internship’s work plan. Due to the amount of work, I also advanced my skills in organizing my time throughout alongside other personal responsibilities. I have also acquired many other skills such as; organizational skills during the compilation of key sources in an electronic database and admin skills and resource management during the creation of the summaries for key sources.
These skills were especially helpful as I had to do a literature review which enhanced my skills to read and sift through academic sources subsequently expanding my knowledge and perspectives on the highly salient matter of immigration, migration and integration pre and post-Brexit referendum, EU citizens’ rights, social and governmental attitudes towards EU migrants, economic and political influences of Brexit and other macro structures. This review also provided a historical context of Euroscepticism, xenophobia, English nationalism, migration and economic instability caused by neoliberalism, its failures and its dichotomous relationship with far-right populism.
My ambition is to become a lecturer in Criminology and this internship will be a huge aid in my journey to my desired career. I also do open days at the same University in which I talk about my experiences and opportunities for students at Edge Hill; now I also have the internship to talk about. Overall, this internship has further inspired and only enhanced my passion towards my research area. Research such as this is imperative within an increasingly individualized country as it inspires empathy and a humanitarian discourse within an increasingly nationalist and popular punitive state.