Internships are open to Edge Hill University final year students who have an interest and would like to build track record of research experience in the field of migration. Internships will last 3 months and interns will work under the supervision of a MWG-NW senior member. Interns are funded by the Student Opportunity Fund of Edge Hill University.

2022 Internships: Meet out interns

Alannah Jeal

Alannah’s work focuses on societal issues and their impact in Higher Education, allowing Alannah to explore relevant topics in relation to their degree subject, supporting their aim to progress into an academic career.

2021 Internships: Meet our Interns

Caitlin Stranks

Caitlin StranksCaitlin’s work as an intern focuses on Human Rights, international law, and the Windrush Scandal, helping to assist her in achieving a career in academia.

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Tonika Stephenson

Tonika StephensonTonika’s work as an intern focuses on investigating how the Human Rights Convention and other aspects of EU Regulation may positively influence co-operation between nations and migrants.

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2018 Internships: Meet our Interns

Declan Fairey

Declan FaireyDeclan’s work as an intern focused on Migration and Urban Planning. The internship involved researching existing literature, evaluating the academic discourse and identifying any substantial gaps in current knowledge.

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Haaroon Ali

Haaroon Ali

Haaroon’s work as an intern focused on the experiences, precariousness and the harm Brexit has caused to approximately 3.2 million European Union (EU) citizens and their rights.

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