Migration Working Group – North West

Migration North West Working Group logoMigration Working Group-North West (MWG-NW) brings together academics, organisations and practitioners working on migration who are either based in the North West of the UK, or researching migration in this region.  Edge Hill University academics’ work touches upon a wide range of topics within the field of migration, such as migrants’ integration, diasporas and representation, refugee law and policy, locality and diversity, and arts, health and wellbeing. The University is also active in supporting humanitarian initiatives for refugees through Action For Refugees.

MWG-NW is in line with EHU’s Research Strategy, which states that the University is committed to responding to and engaging with national and international research agendas and produce research that has direct application to challenges that concern professional practitioners, business, third sector organisations and community groups. As such, the group works closely with other major research groupings in the University and with organisations and practitioners in the region, and aims to enhance the visibility of migration issues and integrate its work with other academic and professional initiatives at national and international level. Members’ expertise and activities position MWG-NW as a stakeholder in the broad field of migrants’ inclusion and overall public discourse that surrounds migration and broader issues of social justice in the North West of the UK, and at national and international level.

The group encourages publication of short policy-oriented pieces via its blog Quest – Migration North West.

Group Director

Deputy Director

  • Dr Ruxandra Trandafoiu (Media)

Group Administrators

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