The Department of Social Sciences at Edge Hill has a mature and dynamic research culture and a well-established tradition of excellence in research, evidenced in our record of work and publications recognised as of national and international importance.

We are committed to research that seeks to make a difference in the real world and to benefit and voice the needs of some of our most socially and economically marginalised people and communities locally, nationally and internationally.

This ethos and commitment informs and defines our research in a range of policy-orientated and policy-relevant research areas including; children and young people, gender and sexuality, conflict and political violence, social science research methodologies and migration, identity and cosmopolitanism.

Research groups

These fields are supported by, and organised through, our research groups, networks and working groups:

Centre for Child Protection and Safeguarding in Sport (CPSS)

We also have a dedicated centre that is at the forefront of research on the prevention of abuse, exploitation and maltreatment in sport:

Centre for Human Animal Studies (CfHAS)

CfHAS promotes the study of the complex material, ethical and symbolic relationships between humans and other animals.

Institute for Social Responsibility

We also contribute to the work of the Institute for Social Responsibility (ISR), Edge Hill University’s cross-disciplinary research and knowledge exchange initiative:

Within the Social Sciences, research involves work on a range of diverse subjects; voicing children and young people in the policy-making process; gender, social work and participatory research; youth transitions; sexuality, consent and citizenship; children’s worlds and peer interactions; participation, youth, youth policy and the global financial crisis; integration, cosmopolitanism and migration; state violence, truth recovery and human rights and comparing community experiences of counter-terrorism policies.

At the heart of this diversity, and what draws us together, is a long-standing commitment to promoting progressive social change by adopting critical social scientific perspectives and undertaking inquiry into policy-relevant areas and issues specifically designed to counter discrimination and inequality, on the grounds of age, disability, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. Our work employs social science research to give voice to the socially excluded, notably children and young people, and those often rendered invisible in the policy realm. In so doing our research is designed to challenge established and dominant social policy paradigms and norms of practice and impact in social, economic and cultural terms in order to advance social justice.

Current and ongoing research projects being undertaken by Social Sciences staff at Edge Hill include:

  • Youth Policies in an Age of Austerity
  • Young People and Sexual Citizenship
  • The Impact of Counter-Terror Law and Policy on Muslim Communities
  • Children, Return Migration and Identity
  • Voicing Young People in the Policy Process
  • State Violence and Collusion
  • Citizenship and Community Activism

It is equally important for us that this cutting edge research, as well as the social concern and advocacy it reflects, underpins our teaching and informs, enhances and enriches the learning experience of our students.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of our research please contact:

Professor Mark McGovern

[email protected]
01695 584621

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