Liam Pawlowski
BA (Hons) Sociology

Political influence

Liam gained a rare insight into international politics during a two-week work placement at the European Parliament in Brussels, enabling him to understand the workings of a political system that affects the lives of over 500 million people.

As well as enhancing his contextual knowledge of the EU political system, Liam met with lobbyists, learned a lot of political jargon and discovered that the majority of parliamentary business was conducted, not in parliament, but in the bars and cafes of Place du Luxembourg. He also tested his practical skills by researching and preparing a Briefing Paper for an Member of the European Parliament.

“I was most pleased with the Briefing Paper that I prepared. My Advisor was delighted with it and said afterwards, ‘you have influenced politics’. This gave me a real sense of achievement.”

Liam Pawlowski