Amsterdam 2Students from Edge Hill University’s BA Hons Childhood and Youth and Early Childhood Studies courses have returned from a highly successful field trip to Amsterdam.

The trip included a visit to the Hestia Early Years Centre, an inspiring setting based on the philosophy of educational psychologist Reggio Emilia.

One student said of her visit to the centre:

“I found this trip to be really interesting. Today has been a heart-warming, eye opening visit to Hestia Early Years Centre to see how they value children and their role within society. Through multi-cultural, diverse but educational activities, they continuously instil the importance of respect for each other and also their environment. I value this trip as it is a great way of comparing the European systems and of seeing both the similarities and differences. ‘Helping children become who they want to be’ – such a relevant slogan for Hestia.”

Students also attended a talk and discussion with social workers who support children and families in the Amsterdam are and had a lively morning considering some of the rewards of their profession as well as some of the dilemmas they face in their daily work.

Another day saw a visit to the headquarters of the charity End Child Trafficking and Prostitution (ECPAT). ECPAT campaigns to raise public awareness and provides legal expertise in the prosecution of offenders and also run a helpline to support victims of child trafficking and prostitution.

In spite of the busy schedule the group also found time to take in the sights of Amsterdam. Activities included ice skating on an outdoor rink in the evening, a visit to a real ice bar, bicycle tours of the city and an Amstel boat trip. The students also took a very moving tour of the Anne Frank museum in the heart of the city.

Another student summed up the trip as follows:

‘I absolutely loved the field trip to Amsterdam. It was my first time going and we went for just enough time for me to capture the true beauty of the city and see all the attractions that I wanted to see for a price that I tried to beat myself by looking around and I couldn’t. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested.’

The staff and students would like to thank Dr Allison Moore for all her hard work in organising the field trip.