Leone Ross

Come Let Us Sing Anyway (Peepal Tree Press)

What is your favourite short story from the book?

“I think it’s got to be ‘The Woman Who Lived In A Restaurant’. It’s a story about love and sacrifice and it exemplifies my style and concerns: complex, unspoken emotional landscapes, mischief, oddness and just enough sex. It was hard to write and I think I eventually nailed it.” – Leone Ross

What the Critics say?

“Leone Ross’s first short-story collection demonstrates her imaginative power and great psychological depth … Ross writes here with searing empathy and compassion. Her women are rounded, wounded, and we cannot help but feel for them.” – The Guardian

“Ross writes with all the elegance and skill, the meticulous attention to detail and the ways in which disparate ingredients interact, of a chef who specialises in fine dining, laying a sumptuous repast before the reader, each line informed with an eye for lyrical beauty and subtle undercurrents of eroticism.”
– Black Static magazine

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Leone Ross is the critically acclaimed author of the Orange Prize longlisted novel All the Blood Is Red (Angela Royal Publishing, 1996) and Orange Laughter (Angela Publishing, 1999). A novelist, short story writer, editor, lecturer in fiction writing, and former journalist, she was born in England to Scottish and Jamaican parents, and grew up in Jamaica. She lives in London.

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