Online access to network drives such as Stushare1Staffshare1 and Home Folder.

Stushare1 (X:) Drive is for accessing course related files and software. Some access is restricted based on departments/schools or faculties.

Staffshare1 (Y:) Drive is for storing collaborative work related files where access is needed by multiple people or groups. This service is for all non-research data within the University. Access is based on departments/schools or faculties.

Home Folder (Z:) Drive is for storing working files related to using Windows desktop PCs.  You should use OneDrive for all other document storage such as reports, coursework, and any academic related documents.

You must ensure you handle all files – especially those containing sensitive or personal data – in accordance with the University’s Information Security Policy.


Online from anywhere

Access University network drives online via a web browser. Major desktop browsers are supported but some functionality may be limited when accessing from a mobile device.

From PC on campus

Log in to a University computer and you will be able to access all your network drives from Windows Explorer.

From a mobile device

When you access Work Drive from a mobile phone or tablet you will be prompted to download the MyWorkDrive File Access app. When you launch the app you will be asked to enter the following URL along with your normal Edge Hill username and password: