Please Note
You will need to have set an alternate email address to use this service.

  • From the password reset page
  • Enter your Edge Hill username
  • An email will be sent to your alternative email.
  • Open the email and follow the instructions

Please Note
Mobile device connecting to Eduroam or Edge Hill wifi must be reconnected using the new password. Failure to change your device wifi setting will result in your account being automatically locked.

Password Expiry
Edge Hill Network password will expire every 90 days for students and 31 days for staff, you will be required to choose a new password each time it expires.

Setting an alternate email address

  • From the set alternative email page
  • Enter you alternative email address in the “email” field and the “confirm” field.
  • Click “save”

Please Note
The alternate email address must be your personal email address not your Edge Hill email.