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Practice Interviewing. Anytime. Anywhere with InterviewStream.

Edge Hill University uses Interview Stream to help you practice your interview skills and techniques whenever and wherever suits you. You can access Interview Stream on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Once you log in, you have the option to take a premade interview which uses a selection of questions from industry, or you can create your own bespoke interview from over 7000+ pre-recorded questions from all employment sectors.

After you have taken your interview, you can review how you did by replaying your interview and making notes on what you felt you did well and what would be improved. You also have the option to complete a self evaluation if necessary. You can share your video interview with a Careers Adviser for structured feedback- via Ask a Question https://careerhub.edgehill.ac.uk/students/questions/.

Got a mobile device? Download InterviewStream® Mobile™ for iOS and Android:

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