Case Studies: Rhiannon Evans Poetry Award

The Rhiannon Evans Poetry Award celebrates students who demonstrate creative promise and have the talent to develop their craft further.

Winners of this award have been recognised for their unique collection of poems, for developing their love of poetry into an innovative style of writing, for pushing the boundaries of the genre, or for the powerful or unique subject matter that is explored.

Some of the dedicated and motivated recipients of a Rhiannon Evans Poetry Award are profiled below.

  • Adam Tarry seeks to push the boundaries of traditional poetry and enjoys challenging notions of what poetry ought to be, often combining his passion and ability for art and poetry to create hugely interesting and innovative work;
  • Bronte Pleasants attempts to capture the personal within the landscape, experimenting with images and exploring themes such as grief and loss through stories of familiar and significant places in her life;
  • Jessica Tillings has actively immersed herself in the avant-garde poetry scene, creating challenging and visceral pieces that strive to change the way that people think about sensitive or taboo subjects;
  • Joanne Ashcroft focuses on procedural and performance poetry, experiments with different techniques and uses language in her writing in unusual ways;
  • Laura Tickle focuses on landscape and language in her poetry, examining how form relates to content. She is also interested in how sleep deprivation affects language;
  • Sarah Billington has an interest in reading and writing poetry about World War II and the Holocaust and intends to compile a collection of twenty poems in the tradition of confessional poetics;
  • Steven Fletcher exposes the hypocrisy of a consumerist society in his writing, as well as challenging misrepresentations of the city of Liverpool.

We hope the students who have received a Rhiannon Evans Poetry Award are inspired to pursue their writing further and realise their full potential as poets.

Rhiannon Evans Poetry Award