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Excellence Scholarship winner Megan Hunt in the Catalyst building.Talented dance student and Excellence Scholarship winner Megan Hunt is hoping to use her experience to benefit others looking to forge a career in the industry.

The 19-year-old from Widnes has been studying the subject for over six years, having started her dance education at Saints Peter & Paul Catholic College, before continuing her studies at Cronton Sixth Form College. However, she began learning her craft a lot earlier.

“I actually started when I was two-and-a-half years old, at a dance school called Barwell’s where I stayed until I was six. I then moved to Megastars Performing Arts School, where I am currently teaching.”

Megan is aiming to pursue dance as a career and found her own school, having been influenced by the success of a former colleague.

“One of the older students went to university and ended up dancing in New York, so seeing how far she got with her degree made me want to see what I could do.

“I realised how much I loved dancing when I lost my nan and it helped me realise that I can turn to dance to show my emotions. That’s when I knew I wanted to dance for a living.”

Megan, who will be travelling to Croatia to perform with the Student Unions’ Hillstart Dance Society in April 2019, can list prestigious London venues Her Majesty’s Theatre and the Shaftsbury Theatre on her CV. In recent years she has also come through auditions to perform at the Royal Albert Hall and Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, and even Disneyland Paris.

Megan, who notes lyrical and contemporary dance has her favourites styles believes the perception of the art has changed over the years, mainly down to television.

“More people are interested in entering their kids into competitions because of shows like Dance Moms. I also believe the likes of Strictly Come Dancing interests people into joining dance and trying out something new because it is entertaining to watch.”

She admits to overcoming challenges in her transition from student to teacher at her dance school, but believes it is a role she is well suited to.

“The students had always seen me as a student and not a teacher, so to earn their respect as a teacher was hard but I just kept working at it until they knew I wasn’t just a student anymore, and that I would be teaching them every week.”

Megan cites treating each student as an individual as a main ingredient in her teaching style and takes pride in their development.

“Each student has their own talent and are all different. Some take longer to pick up choreography or don’t have the best flexibility, but they work at it. Watching them finally get it right is amazing because you can see the happiness in their faces, and you feel like you have accomplished something yourself.

“The main thing a student needs is passion. If they are passionate about what they do they will be determined to make each performance the best they can, they will be committed and come to extra classes, they will perform from the heart and not just because someone has told them to. They will make each movement their own.”

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