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Based on the answers you have provided, you may be eligible to apply for the following scholarships:

Excellence Scholarship

  • Overview: Rewards determination, commitment and achievement outside of your studies, for instance in creativity, enterprise, ICT, performance or volunteering;
  • Value: £2,000;
  • How to Apply: Competitive application process;
  • More:

Sports Scholarship

  • Overview: Designed to develop the performance of prospective students who can demonstrate talent, achievement and dedication in sport;
  • Value: Up to £1,000 per academic year with additional sports-related benefits and free memberships;
  • How to Apply: Competitive application process;
  • More:

Additional Scholarships for International Students

  • International students may be considered for a range of additional scholarships. Further information about these extra scholarships, available only to overseas students or asylum seekers, can be found at

Please note, these results are intended as a guide only. Additional eligibility criteria and exceptions may apply.

A successful application for an Excellence Scholarship will make you ineligible to receive a Sports Scholarship and vice versa.

A range of further scholarships are available to current students which you can apply for, or be nominated for, once you are enrolled on an Edge Hill University programme (some exclusions may apply).

If you have any queries, please email us at [email protected].