Resonant Edge Installations

Fragments of the Ship CanalAlongside Resonant Edge’s roundtable events, talks and performances, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a variety of sound installations created by various talented artists and members of EHU staff. These will include:

Box – Studio 2

Steve Guy Hellier: Field recordings and live electronics 2017

Uniform and efficient, containers are symbols of globalisation, traversing land and sea in vast numbers. Yet they also epitomize faceless transactions in a world where technology has increasingly displaced human labour. Drawing on industrial music from the 1980s, Hellier has recorded percussive and resonant encounters with these ubiquitous steel units, capturing the ghosts of their contents and journeys.

The overall effect is a haunting sonic experience, which leaves listeners reflecting on 21st-century displacement and the unending ‘trafficking’ of goods – and people – around the world.

Fragments of the Ship Canal Project – Studio 5

John Lowndes: Installation

 Fragments of the Ship Canal Project is an acousmatic song-cycle for eight channel surround system. The work explores spatial and signifying relationships between foundsound and language, which are taken to be commensurable as two instances of soundbite. Similarly, present and past  are levelled and considered from a synchronic and archaeological perspective. In exploring the myths surrounding the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal, the piece draws inevitable comparisons with present-day political movements, utilising allegory and intimating by ghostly dreamwork.

John Lowndes is a composer and musician. His electronic pieces have been performed across Europe as part of the Listening Cities programme. John produces, writes and performs music for Patchwork Rattlebag, a Salford-based collective that aim to cross boundaries of discipline and style in order to carry on a dialogue between the contemporary and the popular. He is interested in the philosophical applications of music and in composing as a means to social empowerment.

The Deed and Prosper – Studio 3

Nick Luscombe & Steve Hellier: Installation

 The Deed and Prosper demonstrates a sophisticated way of presenting history: one in which audio and visual elements from different eras coexist in tension, bouncing meaning off each other; not in neat historical layers, but in a state of constant push-and-pull between current, recent and distant times.

 The sound recordings are united by the theme of London Docklands – now all gleaming towers, but previously home to thousands of dockworkers. In accompaniment are photographs from the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice, a monument that commemorates ordinary people who died saving others.

Steve Hellier attended Goldsmiths in the late 80′s where he studied fine art surrounded by the (infamous) future YBAs. After leaving art school he met Richard Fearless and formed Death in Vegas, writing, recording and touring their first album Dead Elvis. The album’s commercial and critical success led to a number of film syncs including Human traffic, Homegrown, City of Industry and The Acid House.

Over the last two years Steve has been working with Mark Leckey (Turner Prize winner 2008) on Dream English Kid, winner of the Tiger Award for Short Films at the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2016.

The Gadget – Dance Studio

Andreas Pejler & Tove Gustafsson: Installation

The Gadget is an interactive musical machine designed to make music in perpetuity. The installation consists of ten stations, each of which presents a different historical invention or discovery to the participant by musical means. Taken together, the stations constitute an enigmatic, living composition that is altered by audience interaction. The inventions and discoveries exhibited in The Gadget were chosen for their capacity to excite musical inspiration. Expect to encounter anything from the light bulb to the lava lamp.

Andreas Pejler is a composer, musician and producer from Sweden. He currently studies Music and Media production at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He takes technical inspiration from video games and DJing. His musical influences include Danny Elfman, Cashmere Cat, Dmitri Shostakovich and Gorillaz.

Tove Gustafsson is a dynamic composer. She is renowned for memorable, serpentine melodies. Tove explores the realms of electronic and modern music, whilst always remaining mindful of her folk roots.

Andreas and Tove’s joint project, Sound Weaves, explores the possibilities for audience interactivity in live settings. Their investigation into the connection between audience and composer continues

Untitled – Creative Edge MPS

 Will Schrimshaw – Installation

Untitled is a six channel audio installation and map. Exploring the continuity between site-specificity and generic material conditions, recordings of sea noise are folded, juxtaposed and combined with the ideal noise towards which they tend.

Will Schrimshaw is an artist and musician. He completed his Ph.D. at Newcastle University (Architecture and Philosophy). He is Senior Lecturer in Music and Sound at Edge Hill University. His research and teaching is focused on sound, materialism and realism in the arts, experimental practice, sound synthesis and algorithmic composition. He has published, exhibited and performed widely.

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