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I4P – West Cheshire Food Bank

Concepts of a Good Society:
The Response of Civil Society to Food Poverty

I4P has been working with West Cheshire’s Food Bank to offer leadership and participatory project development training. The Food Bank are working with I4P to support its volunteers who identified the wish to develop projects in West Cheshire connected to their food bank volunteering. I4P is offering a series of leadership development sessions with volunteers to support them in the volunteer led development of the Food Bank.

This image includes the West Cheshire foodbank logo to the left of the banner. This logo includes the text West Cheshire which is blue and below that green text which says foodbank, there is a leaf and an apple coming off of the letter a. Next to this logo is the text "Emergency food for local people in crisis" which is in top of a person smiling and below text that says "A project seeded by the Trussell Trust". The banner is blue.


#Stillhungry Report

The cover of the still hungry report. This cover image is blue and includes an image of a person with their hands together on a table that also has a mug, a vase with flowers inside and various pieces of paper on. Click image to download document
click image to download

University of Oxford and University of Chester researchers have today revealed findings from one of the most systematic and detailed studies yet conducted of people receiving emergency food in the UK.

The #stillhungry report draws on two years of detailed statistical data from West Cheshire Foodbank, part of the UK-wide Trussell Trust Foodbank Network, and makes several recommendations for practical ways in which the need for the foodbank could be reduced.


Concepts of a Good Society: The Response of Civil Society to Food Poverty

Hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty.
What makes a Good Society? In conversation with Adrian Curtis, Foodbank Network Director at the Trussell Trust, Professor John Diamond and Katy Goldstraw from Edge Hill University will present interim findings on the response of civil society to poverty and inequality in the UK through the lens of food aid. Read more about this event…


Digital Mapping Project

I4P has been working with West Cheshire Food Bank to support their volunteers and held a number of sessions developed to capture the diverse range of perspectives and experiences of the individuals who attended them. The sessions, which included plenty of discussion and listening, as well as small group conversations and activities, concluded with a volunteer led development of three organisational priorities. These priorities were shared with West Cheshire Food Bank Trustees in their June meeting, and this discussion will be shared with the volunteer led group at a meeting in July 2016.

From the process of organisational development emerged a complementary project:  ‘Mapping places of welcome across various localities in Cheshire West and Chester.’  Volunteers went out into pilot areas – Blacon and Wesley churches, and asked people using the food bank and other volunteers, ‘Where do you find community?’  This was recorded onto flip charts which then were worked up into these two images:

Two images grouped together. The left image features the text "Blacon" and includes various icons such as a football, coffee beans and books on a brick background. The right image includes the text "Wesley" in the top left corner and features icons such as coffee beans, a graduation cap and a car on a brick background.
click image for more details

The ‘Where do you find Community?’ mapping project was the beginning of a digital mapping project that I4P and Edge Hill University will be hosting with our community partners. The digital mapping project will go live later this year.


Pop Up Cooking 

The cover image of the pop up recipes booklet. This cover image is green and features white text that says "Pop Up Recipes", also on the cover page is a person using a pan, smiling at the camera, and blue text on a white background that says "pop up cooking". Click image to download document
click image to download

Foodbank and Pop Up’s latest initiative: a 20-page downloadable Recipe Booklet.  Eat much better for much less!

Pop Up Cooking happens in places where people gather, providing an easy way for anyone to cook cheap, nutritious meals together and share ideas.   If you want to eat much better for much less, as well as begin to share your experiences with others, click here to download the booklet.

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