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KE 2019: Civic University

ISR Knowledge Exchange:

Imagining New Civic Interactions

An image of the main building at Edge Hill University.

New municipalism is a new form of politics that has been influenced by citizens’ movements and local activism. An important strand of this is community wealth building, which is increasingly recognised as a vital way for local communities to exercise influence over their local economies. It involves convincing big, ‘anchor’ institutions (and everyone else) to buy local, source local, and support new local enterprises that fill gaps in the supply chain. The university is one such institution, and in West Lancashire Edge Hill University is one of the three largest employers in the area and has a major economic impact in the area.

What happens, though, if we think about wealth not just in terms of money and economics, but in terms of democratic engagement and well-being? ISR knowledge exchange hosted an event to pose this question and more.


ISR Public KE Event: Imagining New Civic Interactions
8th January 2020
This ISR knowledge exchange symposium provides an opportunity to hear from leading experts and participate in discussions on 3 of the major topics of the day: Community Wealth Building; New Municipalism; and The Civic University. Join us for a morning of discussion, networking and debate. How could the university serve its local community more? How might community wealth building be taken forward in West Lancashire?
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Blog article: Imagining New Civic Interactions
February 2020
The KE Civic Interactions symposium in January 2020 marked just the start of work on this project.   The academic team who brought this event together, are now beginning work on the QR-SPF funded research project, Growing the Small Local Enterprise Sector in Skelmersdale. Two local women with working knowledge of the sector are collaborating with us to design the research questions and to collect and analyse data. The findings will feed into WLBC’s work on community wealth building.
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