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ISRA 2021/2 Wellbeing and Physical Activity

ISRA Research Project:

Association Dynamics Between Mental, Physical Wellbeing, and the Level of Physical Activity

A person is running along a path. In the background of the image there are various trees and forms of greenery.


The parkrun is a Saturday morning 5-km running event that welcomes everyone to join. The parkrun has conducted a survey in 2018 in the UK where more than 60 thousand parkrunners responded. A quantitative exploration of the association dynamics of the parkrun participation, level of physical activity, health, and wellbeing among the parkrunners in the UK is in demand.

Launched in August 2021, this 12-month project will use the UK national dataset with an aim to investigate the association dynamics of parkrun participation, physical activity level, health, and wellbeing. This study aligns with the ISR’s theme of creativity, performance and community engagement.

Internal Partners:

  • Dr Mohammed Moinuddin (PI), Edge Hill University Medical School
  • Dr Nicola Relph, Faculty of Health, Social Care & Medicine, Edge Hill University;
  • Dr Michael Owen, Faculty of Health, Social Care & Medicine, Edge Hill University;

External Partners:

  • Professor Steve Haake, parkrun Research Board;
  • Dr Helen Quirk, parkrun Research Board;
  • Dr Alice Bullas, parkrun Research Board.

Aims of the project:

The project aims to investigate,

  1. How does the level of physical activity improve by the parkrun program?
  2. To measure the impact of physical activity level on physical and mental wellbeing.
  3. To measure the indirect effect of physical activity on mental wellbeing mediated through the physical health.


With ethical approval now in place, there will be a work in progress talk on the 27th of January based on this project as part of the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Medicine Thursday Research Hour.  We are currently planning a daylong workshop on ‘Health data modelling with Stata’ using the project data. The possible date is on April 2022.


Anticipated outcomes by January 2022.

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