Institute for Social Responsibility

We are committed to encouraging the ideas of ‘shared learning’ and we value the opportunities to work with individuals and organisations outside the UK. As part of our aspiration to develop a ‘network of networks’ bringing together individuals, organisations as well as those based in the university sector we welcome establishing direct links with those who share similar values.

The links below are the start of our wish to expand the opportunities for shared learning from linking up our respective web sites, encouraging contributions to blogs and other forms of social media as well as making available policy and practice reports from researchers and practitioners in the field.

Please join up to our shared international network of co-operation and collaboration.

Power to Persuade
Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Power to Persuade is a discussion blog about social policy.  Australian-focused but with a global scope, the blog was set up to complement the successful Power to Persuade symposium. Like its offline equivalent, it aims to improve understanding and communication between the main groups involved in the policy process: government, academics and the community sector.  Creating and Implementing Public Policy: Cross-Sectoral Debates.

Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership
University of Pittsburgh, PA United States

The mission of the Johnson Institute is to enhance professional and institutional ethics and accountability in public leadership.  We accomplish this mission through an integrated portfolio of programs including:

international - johnsonheaderTeaching: The Johnson Institute works with GSPIA and University faculty to integrate teaching of ethics and accountability across the curriculum. Research: The Johnson Institute generates new and usable knowledge on issues of ethics and accountability in public service. Outreach: The Johnson Institute promotes discussion and debate on timely public policy issues that involve ethical behaviour and accountable leadership in the public sector.

These three aspects of the Johnson Institute mission work in concert to enhance the quality of public leadership in government, nonprofit, and nongovernmental organisations in the United States and abroad.

ECPD International Fellowship Scheme

The England Centre for Practice Development (ECPD) – at Canterbury Christ Church University – is a national centre for interdisciplinary, participatory research, practice development & innovation for health and social care located in the beautiful city of Canterbury.   We are building an international community of practitioner researchers focused on collaborative participatory research, development and innovation that directly benefits person-centered safe and effective care for patients and service users.

Organisational Fellows: Fellows such as ISR, have complementary expertise to the England Centre for Practice Development and a shared commitment to developing person centered, safe and effective care and services. They are committed to working together to develop collaborative research and scholarship initiatives that advance the body of knowledge to improve services, policy and practice. View the ISR certificate here.