Athena SWAN Gender Charter


Recognising advancement of gender equality: representation, progression and success for all


Edge Hill University joined the Athena SWAN Charter in November 2013, an initiative initially set up to advance and promote the careers of academic women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) in higher education and research. The University was awarded an Athena SWAN Institutional Bronze Award on 1st October 2015 under the pre-May 2015 criteria. Advanced HE (previously Equality Challenge Unit (ECU)) expanded the charter in May 2015 to recognise work undertaken in arts, humanities, social sciences, business and law (AHSSBL), and in professional and support roles, and for trans staff and students. The charter now recognises work undertaken to address gender equality more broadly, and not just barriers to progression that affect women. Edge Hill University confirmed its commitment to the expanded charter and Athena SWAN principles in December 2015.

With its roots in providing non-denominational teacher training to women in the 1880s, Edge Hill has a long-standing commitment to equality and the promotion of women in professional roles. We have well-developed policies and practices that encourage and assist our staff and students to reach their full potential. We also recognise and support the core values of the Athena SWAN Charter principles, which will enable us to address any gender imbalances in our subjects and, indeed, more broadly. We are committed to supporting our current and future employees and provide a range of resources both internally and with recognised external organisations, such as Vitae and Advanced HE’s Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

Edge Hill University’s Athena SWAN submission was championed by the Director of the Research Office, Nikki Craske and Dean of Education, Lynnette Turner. The University formed a Self-Assessment Team (SAT), chaired by Nikki Craske. The SAT has been replaced by the Athena SWAN Steering Group, chaired by Professor Clare Austin, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation in the Faculty of Health and Social Care. The Athena SWAN Steering Group promotes and advances gender equality across the University by:

  • Facilitating the implementation of the University’s action plan
  • Annually reviewing statistical evidence and considering the implications for the development of the University’s action plan
  • Promoting cultural change and best practice
  • Supporting faculties and departments to submit for Athena SWAN departmental awards

If you wish to find out more about our involvement with Athena SWAN please contact Researcher Development Support Manager, Joanne Morris.

Forthcoming Events

Events Archive

    • Women, Literacy and Health: a Nepal perspective, 31 January 2019
    • Women-Wise, 31 January 2019
    • No Kids, 28 January 2018
    • bare: a pop opera, 22 & 23 January 2019
    • Punk Suffrage, 14 December 2018
    • Angry Birds, 13 & 14 December 2018
    • A Masterclass with Heidi Thomas, 28 November 2018
    • I Do, 23 November 2018
    • Stripped, 21 November 2018
    • The Queen of the Damned: Vampires and Knights in British and Romanian Culture, 20 November 2018
    • FoHSC Athena SWAN Inaugural Lecture: The Sex War – working behind enemy lines, 19 November 2018
    • Women, Politics and Policy-making in Education: Mapping Generations of Activism, 15 November 2018
    • This Really is too Much, 14 November 2018
    • You’ve Changed, 13 November 2018
    • Black Women in Britain and the Media, 12 November 2018
    • Funny Cow, 31 October 2018 
    • When Did You Stop Dancing, 13 October 2018 
    • PUPIK, 9 October 2018 
    • Nina – A Story About Me and Nina Simone, 4 & 5 October 2018 
    • An Evening with Nicky Morgan, 4 October 2018 
    • Stealing Sheep Suffragette Tribute, 20 September 2018 
    • Teachers, gender and the feminisation debate, 18 September 2018 12:30 in E15
    • Off White, 9th July 2018
    • The Great Get Together, 22nd June 2018 
    • ArtsEqual, 13th June 2018
    • Gender Equality and Modernity?, 12th June 2018
    • Motherhood and Modernity: The forgotten songs and piano works of Ethel Leginska, 9th June 2018
    • In Conversation: Professor Green on Working Class White Males, 7th June 2018
    • Foreign Film Festival: exploring the meaning of equality in various cultures, 4th June 2018
    • Inequality of Opportunity: Does Implicit Bias Hold the Key?, 3rd June 2018 
    • Reinterpreting Diversity: Transforming Lives and Society, 3rd June 2018
    • Everything that I’m Not, 2nd June 2018
    • Young Women – Leaders of Today, Not Just Tomorrow, 2nd June 2018
    • Fabric of Protest, 2nd June 2018
    • Mrs Pankhurst’s Players presents: Votes for Women!, 2nd June 2018 
    • Votes for Women? Don’t Make Me Laugh, 2nd June 2018
    • 404 Ink on the Nasty Woman phenomenon, 2nd June 2018
    • Consumable Women: Gender and Consumer Culture Theory, 2nd June 2018
    • #IsMisogynyTrending? Social Media Abuse and Trolling Women, 2nd June 2018
    • Yellow is the New Blackface, 1st June 2018 
    • Undoing Theology: Sex and Christianity, 31st May 2018 
    • Managing Macho Mentalities: A Feminisation of TV Production Schedules, 29th May 2018
    • The Dark Side of Exercise Nobody Wants You to Know!, 23rd May 2018 
    • Why Greater Equality for Better Mental Health is Everyone’s Business: Cross Sector Learning from Sport, Education and Public Health, 23rd May 2018 
    • Merseyside health – why is it worse than elsewhere?, 21st May 2018 
    • Raising the Voice of Children in the Youth Justice System, 18th May 2018
    • Small Children, Tiny Voices? The Inequalities Young Children Can Face During Healthcare Procedure, 18th May 2018 
    • Launch of Festival of Ideas: Equalities, 17th May 2018 
      • Film Screening – My Letter to the World, 17th May 2018 
    • Athena SWAN Gender Charter, 25th April 2018 (requires EHU staff log-in)
    • Opening The Gamergate, 23rd April 2018
    • Something’s Got to Change – Caroline Lucas MP, 22nd March 2018
    • Health and Wellbeing Needs of Young People in the Justice System with Anne-Marie Douglas (Founder & CEO, Peer Power), 13th March 2018
    • 59 Places to F**k in Arizona: Exploring Gender and Sexuality in Modern Fiction, 5th March 2018
    • Ormskirk Parkrun takeover, 10th March 2018 (3rd March cancelled due to weather conditions)
      • Celebrating 100 years of women (some) getting the vote and all men over 21 too.
        Come along as a Suffragette or Gentleman of the time – top hat or flat cap?
        Or dress in the Suffragette colours of White, Purple & Green
    • Beautiful, 1st March 2018
    • Suffragette – Celebrating 100 years, 28th February 2018
    • Suffragette Symposium, 28th February 2018
    • Equality and Diversity in Research, 28th February 2018 (requires EHU staff log-in)
    • The Party, 21st February 2018
    • Applying for a Professional Chair, 21st February 2018 (requires EHU staff log-in)
    • Sally E. Dean: Something’s in the Living Room, 14th February 2018
    • Applying for a Readership, 14th February 2018 (requires EHU staff log-in)
    • Daisy Johnson, 13th February 2018
    • So Many Reasons, 12th February 2018
    • Women in Law, 9th February 2018
    • May-We-Go-Round?, 8th February 2018
    • Equal Ever After – Baroness Lynne Featherstone, 8th February 2018
    • Sexual Violence Awareness Week Public Lecture, 8th February 2018
    • Wonder Women Launch Event, 6th February 2018
    • Order! Order! The Making of a Modern Parliament – Rt Hon John Bercow, 25th January 2018
    • ICE Film Screening ‘Leonora Carrington: The Lost Surrealist’, 24th January 2018
    • Military Medicine: Women Pioneers, 1st November – 15th December 2017
    • ‘Making Modern Girls: Alice Corkran and Victorian Girls’ Magazines’ – Beth Rodgers, Aberystwyth University, 25th October 2017
    • What Do We Need to Create a Good Society, 11th October 2017
    • Hidden Figures, 27th September 2017
    • Early Career Research Conference, 5th July 2017
    • Festival of Ideas: Identity, June 2017
      • Identity as Best Interests?, 8th June 2017
      • Eliciting Identities through Creative Practice, 9th June 2017
      • Writing the Self, 12th June 2017
      • Shifting Identities, 20th June 2017 
      • I Am Not Your Negro – Film Screening plus Q&A, 21st June 2017 
      • In Flux: The Queering of Race and Gender, 21st June 2017
      • Identity Crisis, 22nd June 2017
      • Athena SWAN Annual Lecture: Bugs, bites and parasites, 26th June 2017
      • What Do We Need to Create a Good Society?, 29th June 2017
    • It’s Only a Pain, Nowt Wrong with Me: working-class men and health, 13th June 2017
    • Q&A with Risa Steinberg (Juilliard Faculty/Jose Limon Institute, New York), 12th June 2017
    • Live Broadcast of the Karen Spärck Jones Lecture 25th May 2017: Creating Robots That – Dr. Maja Matarić
    • Excepted, 6th May 2017
    • The Inevitability of Boundaries and Boundary Work: disability reform and integration of services, 26th April 2017
    • Athena SWAN and its role in promoting equality and diversity, 26th April 2017 (requires EHU staff log-in)
    • Science Under the Stars: Our Fragile Earth, 24th March 2017
    • Performance: Borderland, 16th March 2017
    • Be Bold For Change, 10th March 2017
    • Performance: Slap & Tickle, 7th March 2017








Self-Assessment Team

  • Clare Austin (Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Innovation, Faculty of Health and Social Care)
  • Geoff Beattie (Professor of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Lucy Bray (Reader in Children, Young People and Families, Faculty of Health and Social Care)
  • Alyson Brown (Professor of History, Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Jeremy Brown (Reader in Health Studies, Faculty of Health and Social Care)
  • Evelyn Carnegie (Head of Sport and Physical Activity, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and member of Board of Governors)
  • Nikki Craske (Director, Research Office) (Chair)
  • Irene Delgado Fernández (Reader in Geography, Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Vicky Duckworth (Senior Lecturer in CPD, Faculty of Education)
  • Arthur Heyes (Human Resources)
  • Joyce Humphries (Lecturer in Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Kate Knighting (Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Health and Social Care)
  • Alison Mackenzie (Dean of Learning Resources)
  • Claire Molloy (Professor of Media, Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Joanne Morris (Research Office, secretary to the SAT)
  • Ghada Nakhla (Undergraduate Mathematics Course Leader, Faculty of Education, and doctoral student)
  • Ella Pereira (Reader in Computing, Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Damien Shortt (Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education (English Literature), Faculty of Education, and Branch Chair of UCU)
  • Daniel Smith (Business Support Officer, Human Resources)
  • Lynnette Turner (Acting Dean of the Faculty of Education) (Vice Chair)
  • Fay Voller (Lecturer in Biology (fixed-term and part-time), Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
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