Student Opportunity Fund FAQs

What is the Student Opportunity Fund?

  • The Student Opportunity Fund is an exciting initiative that enables you to apply for financial support to help take part in activities, which enhance your employability and develop your transferable skills.

Am I eligible to apply to the Student Opportunity Fund?

Is my opportunity something that the Student Opportunity Fund would consider?

How do I find a suitable opportunity?

  • Students are required to source their own opportunity. Our Careers Centre are available to provide guidance and support on finding a suitable project. An appointment can be made via the University’s Careers Webpage.

How do I apply to the Fund?

My opportunity is quickly approaching what should I do?

  • The Panel meets on a monthly basis. Panel dates can be found on the website and we ask for completed applications to be submitted at least 10 working days in advance. If this is not possible, please email who can then advise of the steps to be taken.

The Panel will not award applications that have been submitted retrospectively.


How long after the Panel, will I know the outcome?

  • Once the Panel have made a decision, we will let you know of the outcome within 3 days. In some circumstances, the Panel may ask for more information before making a final decision.

My application has been successful, what happens next?

  • You will be required to sign Terms and Conditions and complete additional paperwork before any payment is administered. Payment will be made via BACS and can take up to 5 working days upon receipt of our Finance Department receiving your paperwork.

The cost of my opportunity has increased since my application was approved, will you fund the difference?

  • The amount awarded by the Panel is a contribution towards your opportunity and the amount is final. There will be no further funds awarded.
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