It’s time for you to do stage two enrolment

Stage 2 Enrolment

• Complete enrolment now to get your student loan on time
• Log onto the Eduroam Wi-Fi
• Open your stage two email
• Follow the link and click the ‘login to enrol online’ button
• Check your Edge Hill email for more info

Complete stage two of your enrolment now to get your student loan on time, use the Library and other facilities and start your studies without any hiccups.
Please note: you must have completed stage one before you can do stage two – check your email for details.

Can’t find your stage two email?

This will have been sent to your Edge Hill email account.
If you have not set this up yet, go to

Having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi?

Make sure you select Eduroam as the network and login using your Edge Hill username and password.
On some devices (such as Android phones) you may be prompted to choose a certificate – you can download the correct one here:

When will I get my student finance?

If your application for Student Finance has been approved, you will receive your funding either on the date shown on your payment schedule or 3-5 working days after completing enrolment – whichever is the later

No phone?

You can use any networked campus PC to do stage two – log in with your Edge Hill username and password

Already on the Wi-Fi on your smartphone?

Scan the QR code for a shortcut to the enrolment link:



For more information visit the enrolment homepage, check out our FAQs or contact us on the email or phone number below.